number 110

this boy "graduated" from preschool. i'm certain the requirements to "graduate" are more of a suggestion since if we ask him the days of the week he leaves out thursday every single time. he can do math in his head so that's saying something.

i can't believe he's changed so much.

he get's the jokes in the movies. which, his favorite is the lego movie. everything is awesome, everything is cool when you're part of a team. i think the lego movie is our boy version of frozen. catchy tune in my head all day long. good message. catchy tune in my head all day long. everything is awesome, when you're living the dream.. 

he himself is super funny. he says things to sound big, but end up making zero sense. like, "mom i'm so hot i need to come inside to warm up." nope. that's not right dude.

he insisted at dinner after his little ceremony at school that everyone wish him 'happy anniversary.' i didn't have the heart to tell him that's the wrong phrase because we tell him he's saying things wrong all the time. finally after he made the whole table say it (which made him smile ear to ear) the hubby explained it to him. he's now referring to in as his celebration day. kid kills me.

he is so independent. and yet knows to stay close and let us know when he's going anywhere. read that as he tells us every time he has to go to the bathroom or is going to head to the bathroom. which brings me to my favorite moment from our camping trip.

this is the scene:
we've just successfully hooked up the trailer to go home, on only our third attempt which is saying something for the hubby and i. the kids are all in the car and everyone around us is watching. it's what they do. lots of pressure.

 the following happens:

(from inside the car)
laine-"mmmmoooooommmm? i need to go potty"
me (outside)- "okay! get out and i will take you when we are done."

he gets out.
me- "i need to help daddy make sure he doesn't hit this trailer so i will take you to the bathroom in 2 mins. stand right here on this number 110 (the spot across from us) and don't move so you don't get run over."

he steps on the 110 and i walk around the back of the trailer to the other side. within 1 min of getting to the other side he come sauntering over to me.

me-"buddy! what are you doing? i will take you in a min."
laine-"i already went."

now i'm looking at his pants thinking he's clearly peed them and i'm a horrible mother for making him wait. but they are dry. and my worst nightmares are realized...

me-"laine?! where did you go potty??!??!!!!!"
laine- (very innocently and matter of fact) "on the number 110." and he gets in the car like it's no big deal.

palm to forehead.
all our neighbors just watched my kid pee on the 110 spot. could we look more white trash? oh my word. utter embarrassment. i rush and apologize to anyone who might have been flashed by my five year old. and they would have been flashed because he fully drops his drawers every time. thankfully the only LADIES (really laine?! really?!) that saw laughed and said their boys used to do that when they were little. so mortified and so thankful for their graciousness.

needless to say we had a talk about listening a little better and not peeing in front of strangers. something else i'd not thought i would need to explain but now we know. no peeing on the number 110.

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