couponing {it's not your grandma's game anymore}

 since i was a little girl, i had heard stories of my grandmother's ability to save money. it was like an urban legend. i heard stories of how the grocery stores almost always owed her money. or how she'd drive all the way across town for meat she saw on clearance in an ad. and now i've become her.

when i was first married a friend showed me her method of shopping with coupons. i was baffled at how she got an $80 run for just $10. i was hooked. the first three years of our marriage i was couponing, and i never spent more than $40 a week on our groceries. i never once paid for a single cleaning product, toiletries or paper good. for real.

i recently decided to start back up again. man it felt good to watch the dollars drop after I handed in my coupons. yesterday was groceries day and I had my two biggest runs yet. i posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook and since I got such a big response I decided to share  my process with you all.

my first run yesterday was Walgreens.
For each item i maximized my deals, which means i used coupons, they were on sale, and i had a store coupon.  
    chex mix: 
       regular price $3.29, on sale $4/4.24 or $1.06 each. i used two $.60/1 and two $.50/1 coupons, and      paid $.56 for two and $.46 for two. $2.04 out the door. 
   lever soap: 
       regular price $2.99 each, on sale BOGO $2.54. i had two $1/1 coupons, so i paid $.54 out the  door. 
      regular price $1.39 each, on sale 2 for $1.28. i had a $1/3 and paid $.92 for all three. 
   maxwell house coffee: 
      regular price $8.49, on sale $5.09. i used a $1.50/1 coupon and paid $3.59 out the door.
   7-up (not pictured because my brain forgot):
      regular price $1.99 on sale for $.75. no coupon just a really good price for something i never buy.
  hallmark cards:
      regular price $.99 each, with sale $.84 each. i used a $2/3 hallmark coupon and paid $.52 total out the door.

total price before rewards coupon, manufacturer coupon and sales: $36.03
total price after rewards coupon, manufacturer coupons and sales: $8.99      (76% savings!!!!!!!!)

next was cvs:
CVS a great deal on diapers this week. i budget $40 a pay period for diapers ($80 a month), but try to get most of my weeks in at $20. that leaves me with the option to stockpile more diapers, or buy something else the girls need. this was a great week for that. at cvs i did multiple transactions because of the extra bucks i would be receiving. (i'll get into that it a min.)
 transition #1:
   huggies were on sale for $9.49, and wipes were 2/$6. there was a deal going on that if you spend $30 you'd recieve $12 of cvs extra bucks (credit or free money=free stuff!!). So....
    i used 3 $3/1 pack of diapers & a $1/1 pack of wipes. before my coupons it was $31.47 with coupons i paid $21.47 (with $12 for a future transaction).

 transaction #2:
   venus embrace razor had a deal that if you purchased one you'd receive $4 extra bucks (EB). i had a $5/1 coupon. original price $12.99, i paid 7.99 and received $4 for a future transaction.

transaction #3:
   this one was my favorite.
 2 packs venus disposable razors:
  i had a BOGO coupon and a $2/1 coupon. originally $9.79 each i paid $7.49 for both.
   on sale for $9.49, i used a manufacturer coupon $3/1 and a cvs coupon $3/1 and paid $3.49.
  not on sale at 6.49, but it was $1.77 for me. because.....

 my total bill was $34.96
     coupons used $17.79
           new total: $17.17
       Extra bucks: $16
total out the door: $1.77

phew. so. that was a lot of math. are you still with me? i will say the tax in this state is killing me. that was more expensive than my entire purchase quite a few times.

why walgreens & cvs you ask? i typically buy diapers, toiletries, paper goods, and cleaning products from drug stores unless a major chain has them on crazy sale and i have a coupon. their coupon policies are better and they tend to have better prices and sales. that would be one of my first pieces of advice. tip #1: get to know your local drugstore's and major chain's coupon policies. you can read walgreens here and cvs' here.

i am also on their email list, so i know when special deals are, like wednesday was friends and family day at walgreens and i grabbed a coupon for 15% my total order off their website. to shop at the local drugstores and walk away with 75%+ savings, you need to be a part of their rewards program. tip # 2: sign up for their rewards programs. each drugstore handles things differently and it's again, important to familiarize yourself to their plans.

i love saving money and my husband has been super supportive. it's an expensive world out there, but it doesn't have to be. with all we already pay for i'm very excited to start this new journey with you guys and helping you save money. there are a lot of resources out there and i think i'll make the next post in our new series. i hope you feel encouraged and not completely overwhelemed. if that isn't the case and you want to talk more in depth without waiting for the next post let me know and i'd be happy to share any knowledge i can. have a great weekend folks!!

here's part {2}


  1. sign me up friend!! I learn so much from you!!

  2. I want you to know how much I value your support. You’re the sweetest! Thank you for everything you do!

  3. coupons out of newspapers and magazines, use them to get discounts on certain products. the cashier takes the coupon as though it were cash.


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