for the love of fall {tutorials}

hello friends. {both old and new}

if you're joining us from the 'follwer's fest', welcome. glad you're here. hope you'll sit and stay a while. well, assumedly you're already sitting, so just relax and enjoy.

hope fall has been treating you well. it's been warm up until lately.
praise. the. lord. it's cooling down. fall just isn't fall when you're wearing shorts and a tank.
i love fall. i love the cool mornings, the pumpkin spice lattes, and the hearty meals you can make when it's cold outside.

we took the littles to mickey's halloween trick or treat the other night. it was fun, but crowded. i did get a kick out of my little man having fun with daddy and i on the rides. and since it was a limited event we practically walked on everything after 6 p.m.
seriously. this kid kills me.
i don't think i could love him more.
and then i see them together. and my heart darn near explodes!

little miss is growing like crazy.
6 weeks old
11 lbs 7 oz.
we call her chubbs. and i want to nibble on her.
{like the headband? i'm making a ton right now, and i'll share a tutorial soon!
promise. pinky promise!}

now. i have a confession. i have mantel envy.
i don't have a fire place in my house {sad. i know. i shed a tear each winter.} and therefore can not decorate it as wonderfully as this one per say...

but! not having a mantel does not stop me from decorating for fall!!!
thus, my fall table:
and here's tutorial #1:
go to the dollar store, buy 4-5 ugly frames.
go home and spray paint them a better color (i chose black since it's versatile).
use scrapbook paper for your backings and cut out your letters on your cricut, (or silhouette if you're so lucky!).
adhere your letters to your paper and ta-da! you have a "fall" sign.
the nice thing is you can take the sign out and put something else in it for any other holiday or occasion. like i did here and here.

leaf garland. so easy peasy!
i have these all over my house. helps it be pretty fall colors inside,
when it's still green outside at my house.
you know these would so be great on a mantel!!

{tutorial #2}
silk fall leaves sewn together! that's it. you're done.
people will be asking where you bought your adorable garland, and you'll be able to say, "oh, i made it."


thanks again followers fest friends for stoping by and checkin me out!
i hope you enjoyed yourself.

hope everyone has a great weekend, and have a very fun and safe halloween.
i'm off to go love on a little chubby baby and a curly haired crazy boy!

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  1. Hey! New follower from the followers fest. "Mantel Envy" Haha! I love it...I have one now, but have yet to decorate it the way I want to!

  2. Love your blog!
    Love the pictures and the owls on the side! :)
    New follower from follower's fest!!

  3. Love your fall decor and I love decorating for the season :) Isn't it amazing what a little spray paint can do?!

  4. New follower from the Follower's Fest. :) Cute pictures!!

  5. New follower from FF! Love the fall decorations! So cute! I am about to put my Christmas decorations up..yeah I know I'm crazy! But I just love the holidays!

  6. This is a fabulous idea! I love the colors you used and good for you for overcoming the mantel obstacle :)

  7. WOW - this is amazing and thanks so much for sharing the tutorial too.
    Visiting from TT&J

  8. I lose this idea!! I'm your newest follower!!

  9. Love your fall display! I have mantel envy too. This is the first home I've ever lived in without a fire place!

  10. I'm a new follower from follow fest! Your Fall sign is very cute and looks easy peasy! Oh, and your kids are adorable! My lil' punkin had the same pink floral onesie that your daughter is wearing! Precious!

    Looking forward to what's to come.

  11. Your table is beautiful! I understand the mantel envy. We didn't have a mantel in our last house. It used to drive me nuts, where to put the stockings? Where to display photo's? Where to set up the christmas village? Then the light bulb went on and I bought a huge antique buffet/ sideboard. I now have a mantel in my home with a fireplace but the buffet is still here serving it's purpose! I used to hang my stockings on it, set up the christmas village and many other displays year round. You might think about getting one, or two! LOL I will admit I have a few now ;P I would be delighted to have you stop by and link this up to my VIP party this weekend! Have a safe and happy halloween!

  12. What a sweet sweet family you have! ANd what a wonderful table mantle display! I am honored that you liked my mantle! You know it isn't actually a mantle it is a old piece of furniture I re-finished.... maybe you could make one too!!! But with such cute kiddos I don't know if I would! :o) Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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