short and sweet

i think one of my new resolutions or goals is to "be" more. not to do more. i do a lot as it is.

just to "be." verb a : to have an objective existence : have reality or actuality: live
b : to have, maintain, or occupy a place, situation, or position

i want to learn to be that way. just exist for a purpose, but not need to do something to feel a purpose.

that being said lisa leonard is doing a give away! the necklace she's doing is a word necklace and if won it i would totally choose "be." lisa is amazing. you need to enjoy her blog. she is open and honest about her family and i'm constantly encouraged by her sense of style her constantly positive outlook and her adorable personality and family!

if you haven't read her, you should go here. now. have a great week. off to go snuggle the hubster and while our little man still sleeps.


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