mini fabric scraps garland {tutorial}

i've been wanting to sew really badly.
so i whipped up this sweet little guy...
i have plenty to do around the house, but have really wanted a decoration to have up year round.
this garland has been in my head for months. just never had the time to do it.
it took me less than 45 mins, so i know you can find the time.
i also used all scraps. so, if you are a semi-hoarder, like myself you'll have plenty to work from and not spend a penny! {yay!}

wanna make one? here's how...
gather your scraps and iron them flat.

 i eyeballed my cut to a width and length i personally liked.  i wanted them to be small and sorta whimsy. 
but to be kind to the choleric personalities out there i measured for you, each scrap is approx 3"x2"
i also chose to sort them into a pattern. you can do whatever you want with that. pattern no pattern. 

 to sew them i set my machine to a strait stitch and did not change stitch length or width. 
i again eyeballed the placement. i waited till the end of the last scrap was in the middle of the pressure foot before feeding the next scrap in allowing just a little bit of space in between. 

then i giggled at it's cuteness and hung it up to enjoy!!

i hope you love yours as much as i love mine!! 
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  1. This is adorable! And I *love* quick projects like this that showcase a ton of great fabrics. Yay!

    1. Thanks Katherine. I have a big appreciation for quick projects in this life stage!!

    2. Oh man, me too! Happy Weekend!

  2. so simple and so cute--nice job!

  3. Super cute! There is always time for some decorating! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle


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