Instafriday at the beach

we survived.
at one point i almost gave up and said lets go home, but i didn't. instead i tried to enjoy the moments in this little memory making trip of ours.

favorite moments:
 our early morning walks on the beach
 the big boy making friends and saying 'hi' to every person who passed on a bike
 the big girl dancing on the shore every day and saying, 'i just want to go in the water'
 crazy toddler girl's wavy hair went curly on me and i swooned every time i saw them
 an amazing water show curtesy of wild dolphins for 45 mins our first night
 sharing that moment with the big boy
 the amazing weather
 having our neighbor tell us how proud they were of our family making memories and doing such a good job even though it must be hard (seriously, wasn't expecting that)

i'll let the photos speak of all the fun...

it went just as i figured it would. sand was everywhere. and they loved it. i hated it.
all our campfire/dutch oven meals were amazing. and i'm so glad i planned and made all my meals ahead of time. just grabbed the bag and handed it to the hubby. 

the girls ares till sleeping at 10:00 a.m. and that's proof of all the fun and little sleep they got. 
we will be back in october for more sand consumption and memory making. 

linking up with jeanette at life re-arranged. enjoying the community that shares their moments thru their phone photos.

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