the quiet

that title is kind of ironic being that it's just about never ever quiet in our house. except at night, and even then that's not guaranteed. this weekend however, was the exception. we had, the hubs and i, the whole house to ourselves with just the baby. i had sent the big kids on a weekend with both sets of grandparents. it wasn't a 'stay-cation' per se, but it was needed. 

and do you know what we noticed more than anything. it was quiet.

and we didn't like it.

sure there was no one yelling at the top of their lungs to get them out of bed, or announcing to the whole neighborhood that they pooped this morning. no little boy asking at 6:30 a.m. if he could play with daddy's micro-machines. no almost pre-schooler, who acts a lot more like a pre-teen, asking to put on her tenth dress up princess dress. and definitely no sassy toddler telling me to "go way mommy."

 but, it also meant that no one was calling out to tell me they love me. no little people hugging my calves from behind. no chubby toddler girl saying, "hold me mommy."

 there was definitely no screaming, or fighting. no biting or hitting. but there was no giggling, or "reading" of stories out loud. there was no pretending or "but mommy, i just need to dance before bed time."

 this weekend was planned as rest for the hubby, and i realized i got more out of it than i had planned. sure i was productive. i was able to transition the girls winter clothes and clothes hazel has out grown into boxes, and then move all of cora's clothes to hazel's side for her to wear. to try and do that with two little "helpers" would have taken me four years. put one item in the box, they take three out. i was able to wash five loads of laundry and put them all away. that's an epic moment. putting laundry away is my least favorite job in the history of jobs. that and cleaning out my toddler's seat at the table. nasty.

 the realization that the quiet didn't sit well with me was a huge deal. you see in all my complaining, and frustration with this whole 'motherhood' thing i realized i'm loving it at the same time. and i didn't realize how much i love their crazy noisy chaos until it was removed. and sometimes that's what we need. the old saying, "you don't know what you have till it's gone" is completely true. but, a good dose of perspective is key. i think we will definitely do this more often. it's good for them to go away for some good ole' fashion spoiling at the grandparents and it's good for the hubs and i to have a weekend with out them. we were out right bored with no little people to take care of, so next time we will plan to do stuff that we normally don't get to do. a real stay-cation.

now...does that mean this journey isn't hard, or there aren't days i don't like my job as mom and doer of all things? nope. it is hard, and it is wonderfully rewarding all at the same time. this blog has become a great space for me to share my feelings and thoughts regarding motherhood and my life. i hope to encourage those who share the thoughts but fear saying them out loud. i hope that i will be able to talk and share more about my life and my journey. also crafts. i miss doing crafts, and sewing, and painting and being all around creative. soon my friends. very soon. i have an idea for a few things i might whip up, but we shall see if the minions allow it.

we are doing the last of the work we wanted done in the new house in a few weeks and then i will do a home tour and you'll see my new workspace. {yippy!}

until then, thank you for all the words of encouragement on facebook and in real life. feel free to comment here too, or even become a follower and receive all my posts in your email box before i post them to facebook. none the less, wherever the support i appreciate it.

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