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I know that instafriday posts are supposed to be on friday, but days of the week are a "suggested" sort of thing around here. I've all but given up getting my son to school at this point. I'm over it, and it's preschool so I'm not too sure he's missing something momentous. Although, I do love his teacher and the school as been so good for him. Therefore, I carry guilt that I'm not taking my kid to school, and yet I'm a basket case trying to get all of them in the car and off to school. But, there's only one more week. And I can handle one more week. Just have to keep reminding myself that it's only three more days and then this fall we will be walking to kindergarten.

I thought I'd do a happening post and add my instagram photos so I could also link up with Jeanette from life re-arranged. All my insta-photos are of my kids, that's my life right now and it's okay. 

Let's start youngest to oldest. 
Baby Anne... Almost three months old. Doesn't do too much fancy stuff, but her smiles are to. die. for.
 She's obsessed with her siblings and her first laughs were because of them. 
She crosses her ankles all the time and I'm crazy about how cute it is. 

Hazel Jane... {21 months}
She is a beast. A super cute, completely crazy and totally adorable beast. Everyone tells me how cute she is and how sweet she seems, my standard response? "Looks can be deceiving." Don't let her fool you. She throws a mean tantrum and isn't afraid to throw down if you look at her toy the wrong way.
She loves to be a "helper" while I'm feeding the baby. So fun.

I can spy on the girls because we only have one of the door knobs on their door. It's totally my fav.  And helpful when they are covering themselves in butt paste. {ahem} Twice.

 Using a chair to play in papa's fountain.
 When I told her no about playing in papa's fountain. She threw the chair and then staged her own sit in. or lay in. 

She thinks she is so much bigger than she is. I visited my old work place and she just found a spot on the floor during circle time and joined the fun. I love it. 

Cora Elizabeth {2 1/2 years old}...
She doesn't stop talking. Ever. Questions, role playing, chit-chat, more questions, more imagination, all day long. I like it almost all the time. 
 One must always be prepared for anything. Especially when going out. Or having lunch.
She is also obsessed with baby wipes. Does anyone else's kids act like they are laced with cocaine? I'll find her sneaking one from the bag and then licking them. {shudder} So so so gross. 
But even with her quirkiness and weirdo stuff she does. She. Is. Gorgeous. 
We get stopped all the time by people telling us how beautiful she is. This is her pose when I tell her to smile. If she wasn't so sassy I'd have tried to put her in commercials and stuff. But, having two baby girls right after her didn't really allow me the time to start that with her. Oh well.

Laine Cooper {5 years old}
This dude rocks my world. He has totally turned into this big kid. He is so fun to be with. He has real conversations and shares all his thoughts. The other day he told me "You are like a working machine for our family and you make a lot of babies." Yep. 
He loves his sisters. They usually play great. Sometimes it's the two bigs against the poor little Hazel.  Okay, who am I kidding? She's not poor or little. Girlfriend is a tank and not afraid to go a few rounds with these bigs. BUT! Sometimes, every now and then. If the stars are aligned and everyone has had just enough sleep, they play beautifully. 
Dress up is standard. At any given moment someone is a princess or superhero. This fearless trio was defending our house from "bad ladies" per Cora's insisting. Thank you, Disney movies, for that. 

Hey look I found a non-child centered photo on my instagram. I felt the need to be creative the other day. It was just an urge and when the girls went to bed I painted. Haven't done that in a very long time. It was refreshing. It turned out pretty good and I think I might paint one for the girls room in their colors. 

Thanks for catching up with our family. I figured all my posts have been kinda heavy lately and it was time for something light hearted and filled with cute babies.  


  1. I love your painting! When Brighton was around 6 months old she was a holy terror at home but the minute we went somewhere she was all happy and smiley. My friends all that I was crazy for complaining about this baby that cried non stop, I used to say "If only you could see her at home." She had the world fooled just like your little one.

    I love your painting. I wish I could do something like that.

    1. Thanks Savanna. It's so true!! Whenever we would go out with people, not to a restaurant because that's a whole different story, they were always so much better than if we were at home. They are crazy.

  2. Oh, my gosh! You are parenting like a BOSS! Your kids are so, so cute, and I totally cracked up at the butt paste incident. You get huge high fives from me - I had mine four years apart on purpose and don't think I could do what you're doing as awesomely as you are.

    1. Thank you. It's always nice to hear words of encouragement! I think four years apart is awesome, that's the spread between my oldest and my latest and he is such a big help with her.


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