happenings {september 2013}

i'm starting to learn that life is meant to be lived upside down. there is no normal, no steady flow except chaos. that is our life at least. and i say those things not in a negative 'i hate chaos' way, but more this is a normal day for me...completely crazy within the realm of routine i strive to create. 

and while i tend to complain, don't tell anyone, but i kind of love it. my children are so quirky and fantastic. they are insane, and so am i. we are constantly recreating our normal. just when we get comfortable BAM! we are upside down like turtles. 

all that to say, we moved out of our first house this week.

it did not hurt me as much as i was expecting. i've had 5 weeks to prepare for shutting the door. i might not be living in that house anymore, but i can still relive the memories of each corner around that house. we were blessed beyond to receive a generous offer on the house and we took it. now we are living with my folks and a whole new kind of crazy has emerged. the kind that houses 8 people including 3 minions in a 3 bedroom house. and the dog. don't forget there's also a dog. and i'm a pregnant lady, so really i count for almost 2 people. read all that as 'it's crazy town with new mayors at the Osborne house.'

despite moving we've had lots of other happenings around our home...

i got a much overdue day with my aunt and other half, cousin molly. we did the grove, and we went to Mood in hollywood which was this fabric hoarders dream come true.
we had the best lunch at a new place called 'the farm' at the grove. i'm so about food, it's my favorite part of being preggo. 
and speaking of, my belly is about two months ahead of the schedule so people are so surprised when i tell them i'm only 4 months. then i explain it's my 4th. and then the surprise turns to shock.
this was taken a month ago and i looked big then!!

our beloved aunt nini (nicole) is moving to virginia in the next few weeks, so we spoiled her with a trip to diseyland with just the big kids.
i try and sneak in time with this guy as much as i can. he's so precious to me and just gets the short end of the stick with the girls so often we need our special time.

oh my word this girl has me hook line and sinker. i want to kiss her and smother her all day long. she is so funny and she is starting to know it. which is even funnier. i love when they start to laugh at themselves.

can i please just freeze time right here?!! he is so stinking wonderful!!!!! he brings me to the brink of insanity, but i am butter when he tells me how much he loves me. and hey look, i got the date right this time...

that's just a summation of our life right now. there is much more, but we have a lot of unpacking to do. i will write when i can and hopefully that will be far more often then lately. my girls each have a birthday this month and that's harder for this mamas heart that moving was. lots of kissing and growing. and for now that is just perfect.

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