wonderful wednesdays

welcome to wonderful wednesdays!
on wednesdays i try to highlight some of the ways my kids are so crazy wonderful.

mister mischief:
you. you are just plain old wonderful. 
you are busy. you are constantly wanting to do something. 
some days there is a lot jumping. 
some days there is puzzles, and cooking projects and busy boxes. 
every day is an adventure with you.

our lovey girl:
your love for movement and exploration is so wonderful right now!
you are on. the. move!
and as if crawling wasn't enough for you now you are constantly trying to stand up. 
and so proud of yourself after each attempt.
i love it.

our new little girl:
your kicks are so wonderful.
i am enjoying each little movement.
it's such a beautiful reminder that you are there and you are relying on me to help you grow. 

i hope you are having a wonderful wednesday yourself! enjoy the rest of your week. see you friday!

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