Insta friday

linking up for my week with my babies...

lovey girl is a cuddler. so unlike her brother

wanted to try and show how cute her hair was in her clip, but the sight of mommies phone insights mass excitement in the little swiper.

it's been a warm few days and little girl really wanted to be big like brother and swim in our new pool.

that's one way to watch tv.

peek-a-boo. crawly-mc-crawlerson is everywhere these days.
and nothing is safe.

my date on sunday. he paid and opened the doors for me.

he has a total servants heart. which is something i desire to foster in him. 
and that works out nicely because i have no problems with child labor either. 

they're gone. i chopped the curls.
i miss them too, but i don't miss the sweaty head. they'll grow back. they always do.

i love her.

hope you all had a great week. mine was hard, but good. 
growth is never easy...enjoy your weekends friends!!

life rearranged

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