my {unrealistic} christmas list

christmas in my home is about the kids. as it should be.

but i figure that shouldn't stop me from making a wish list.
even if most of it is slightly unrealistic.

here it is:
1. more than one night every two weeks of 7 hrs sleep. ahhh that would be so awesome.

2. a cup of coffee. not just any cup. but one that i can enjoy in it's entirety without microwaving multipule times and then saying forget it and only having 1/2 a cup.

3. a bath. not a 5 mins-of-peace shower, but a bath. a real bath with lots of bubbles, and classical music on, and a alcoholic beverage of some sort in my hand. preferably in this bath tub.

4. to take a drive without one or both kids screaming. little miss hates, with a capitol H, Hates her car seat.

5. these sexy boots.

6. a sexy body to go with said sexy boots.

7. an iphone!!!! i know this won't happen because we can't renew till august.
{i like how i said that as if some of the other things might happen. like the sexy body one. ha.}

8. a big bowl of peanut butter chocolate ice cream. drool!
{for those who don't know, that won't happen for a while. little girl can't handle dairy. i know, why live right? i cry daily.}

9. world peace. just thought i'd add that for kicks.

10. one of everything from my pinterest style board. when the hubby asked what i wanted that's where i told him to look. he laughed at me.

in all reality i did get a pretty cute early christmas gift.

and i already had these two.
all in all, i have even more than i could ever wish for.
what are you wishing for this year? {real and unrealistic}


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