happy {crafting} holidays

how do you like to celebrate the holidays?

i like to craft. this season makes me need to glue, paint, sew & modge podge something!

i know we talked about it on this post, but here is my finished advent calendar!!
it was done a few weeks ago, but i have had a busy boy & little girl making melt-your-heart smiles at me so blogging has been on the back burner.

you likey? me too. it was complicated, but i am in love with it.
i love that it will be a part of our family tradition for a long time.

the back is a piece of plywood, and the pockets are all coin envelopes. i used e-6000 (WOW that stuff is amazing) to adhere the pockets to the board.

the cards have the activity on them for that day, and there are some super fun ones!
bake christmas goodies
color christmas pictures
make new christmas ornaments
donate cans & toys
deliver goodies to daddy's fire station
go look at christmas lights
drink hot cocoa

made something else too...
i had a different christmas card holder, but they always fell down. so this year i made my own!!
i love it!! i will say i should have made two, because now it's super full. i'll just need to get another frame down from my stock in the garage and string up some more twine!

well, my hot glue gun is calling. few more gifts i need to finish making and christmas is only five days away! crazy.

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i hope you are having a happy holiday season!


  1. Love your advent calender! It's nice to know all your hard work will be enjoyed for years and years to come!!

  2. This looks amazing-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!


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