3 Loves

I fell in love with the words of a woman named Kelle Hampton who writes at Enjoying the Small Things. She is one of the best writers a woman can read these days. Her ability to make you feel as if you are right there enjoying the hard and wonderful things in life with her, is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. I cry at least once a week reading her blog. She is so open and honest, and as a mother myself, she is open and honest about things most moms are not. To the point of my post... Kelle encouraged her readers to comment on her latest post about her "3 loves" by explaining what their three loves were. I thought rather than just comment, I'd actually write about it. :) You should read hers and enjoy her wonderful family, words, and forgot-to-mention amazing photography!

My Three LOVES
#1: This spot!
Do you see it? It's right there on his neck, exposed. And it begs to be kissed! I can not help myself. He may make me crazy (as he did with dinner tonight. Why he wanted the butter so badly is beyond me!?), but he is just so kissable. I frequently find myself burying my face in his neck and kissing away.

#2: This man
My oh my do I love this man. We've been a part of each others lives for over 10 years now. There have been some wonderful ups and some serious downs, but we always had each other. He's away a lot right now, due to being in paramedic school. Which may be part of the reason I started this blog... I miss my other half. I miss having someone to talk to about my day. I miss the way my son lights up when I say "daddy is here!" and he runs to the door. Even when he's home I miss him, because he has to study so much he's unable to be with us. I know he misses us too though. I see it in the way he watches our son play, and how he says he's so much bigger than the last time he saw him, and the way he just yearns to hold him & spend time with him. I am SO eternally grateful for this man. Without him I wouldn't have known love, and I definitely wouldn't have had my Mr. Mischief. (Who by the way, is SO LIKE HIS FATHER!) :)

#3: Kisses.

It's not often I would get kisses from my little man. He's far to busy being busy to stop and kiss his mama. BUT, all the sudden he's begun to give them freely. I love that he just grabs my face with his chubby squishy fingers, pulls it to his and plants a big sloppy kiss on me! MELT! Today we were in Salvation Army (not my favorite place, but if you have an 80's theme attire to wear, that is the place to shop) and my hubby was holding Laine. Laine looked at me standing right next to them, said "mama" to get my attention then grabbed my face, gave me a big kiss and went right back to hanging out with dad. MELT MELT MELT! He just felt like giving me a kiss!

Those are my 3 loves right now and I am so grateful for them! Thanks for reading, and now go enjoy your loves!


  1. very touching. I'm going to have to check out her blog to. By the way; Love the music you have on here! It's been stuck in my head for days!!!

  2. Thanks for commenting Mona! Wait till you hear her play list! She's got great taste!


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