Poison Control

My husband is rarely home these days due to paramedic school. But he was home today, so we decided to make today a special family day and go to a pool together. Brent has yet to see Laine in the pool. My dad has a key to a great pool, so we thought we'd take advantage of it. We got dressed and lathered our pearly white bodies with sunscreen before getting in the car so that way we could just hop right in the pool. My son was obsessed with the little bottle of sunscreen we had on a key chain, so I let him play with it while I was packing up the bags.

Once ready to go and in the car he was fussing, and instead of giving him his passie I gave him that little sunscreen again. It had a screw on cap and I had no knowledge of him being capable of taking the cap off so I thought nothing of it. Maybe 1 mile before we got to the pool it dawned on me, he might not be able to take the cap OFF, but he can probably pop the lid plus, he was being extra quiet back there. I glanced back to find my son DID have the capability of unscrewing a cap and had been leisurely enjoying an afternoon snack of sunscreen during our drive. IT WAS ALL OVER HIM!! Mainly located around his mouth.

Thankfully my husband was driving, so I was able to leap into the back seat to stop the consuming of potentially toxic liquids. He screamed the entire time I'm scooping the sunscreen out his mouth, and cleaning off his hands & face, with a blanket I had in the back seat. I threw Brent the bottle to check if it's poisonous. The label on the sunscreen reads, "If consumed seek medical attention or contact Poison Control immediately." Awesome. My first experience with poison control.

The ever so calm woman at poison control was kind enough to explain to me that he would have had to consumed the entire bottle for him to have any problems, but he will have a stomach ache and possibly the poops. Good I thought. I want him to have a stomach ache so he doesn't do that again! I have a horrible feeling that this will not be the last time I call poison control. Heck, we might become good friends in the coming years. On a lighter note we did enjoy a great time at the pool and having some family time.

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