Fall {or year round} Wreath

 I had a crafting break through the other day. I was invited to a craft night at mutual friends house. I thought about not going because it had been so long, and I didn't really have time to go to the store to buy stuff for a new project. Even though I have 29 projects ready to be made or finished in the house already I didn't want to do them.

I searched pinterest and found the one. The one that would get me out of my funk and would bring be back to the land of the living crafters.  It was a beautiful stick wreath with amazing wrapped fabric flowers. I can make this I thought. Not needing to go the store was the selling point. My kids are not allowed in crafting stores. Ever. Ever. Ever.

My inspiration.

I gathered the kids and we went on a stick hunt. I used a cardboard box as she did with hers. I didn't have enough fabric for the flowers, and I didn't want to make it exactly the same. I wanted to put my spin on it.
I used some fabric I had to do my signature ruffled fabric and rosettes I used to make for my onesies and headbands. It felt so nice to create something again. I went to the craft  night and for the first hour tried desperately to socialize like a normal person but all I could think about was my glue gun calling my name. I watched the clock till I heard someone else mention they were going to start and I practically ran for the table.  

 It was glorious. I felt so good. I promise dear glue gun not to forget you for so long ever again.

{In fact it was such a nice feeling that I made yet another amazing craft for a baby shower. Which I would go into, but my baby is calling for me and it will need to wait for another day.}

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