The hubby and I have been walking down memory lane quite a bit lately. This season of sacrifice has us remembering the "old days." I'd say "good old days" but I think some people would be disapointed we don't think each of our days are "good." We were laughing and maybe crying inside at how much our lives have changed since having all these kiddos.

Like our spontaneity. We used to say to each other, "wanna go to The beach today?" And we would just go. Simple as that. Spontaneous moments only happen in the form of Cora's interpretive dancing these days. It takes at least 30 to 45 mins to get out the door. And that's if we can find both shoes for all the little feet, already have a properly stocked diaper bag and the baby was just fed. And every child seems to know to poop right after you've closed and locked the front door. Like magic. Black magic. 

The other day we showed up to a church gathering and hazel had on two left shoes one in each girls size. When Dropping laine off at vbs, Cora had no shoes on and was wearing an owl costume. At this point whatever gets us out the door I don't even care anymore. 

One of my favorites was the shopping sprees. My man knows how to spoil me. If it was a special occasion he would take me to a store and say, "buy whatever you want." Those were the days I fit in clothes that didn't have built in belly panels. Yesterday when doing the laundry I realized I have four pairs of underware and my non-potty trained daughter has 20. So much is wrong with that. Not okay at all. {And, yes mom I have since bought myself more underware just in case you had a panic attack and felt the need to take me to buy some like I was in fifth grade again needing to buy a bra. Which, that trip was a fun experience with the kids. The entire time we were in the unmentionables department my two oldest made them mentionables by yelling "booby holders" everytime we passed a bra. At least I didn't catch laine feeling up a mannequin this time.} 

We used to go on vacation and order room service. I love love love the luxury of room service. It's my favorite thing. I am now room service. I don't leave chocolates on their pillows though. I know better than to give them chocolate before bed time. 
And yet. With all the changes, they are the best thing to ever happen to me. If we are speaking about the life that was all about me or all about Brent and I, then they were the worst thing to ever happen to me. And that's the paradox of parenting. They will be the death of me and yet they have enriched my life. I would walk through fire for them and periodically debate setting them on fire. I love them with all of my heart yet I completely want to run away. Most of the time. 
The rest of the time I am crazy in love with these kids. 

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