Dear 2014

Dear 2014,  
 I'm just going to come right out and say it. I'm expecting a lot out of you. There are some very big events you are facilitating and I'm thinking you're gonna be kind of a big deal. 
  My sweet first born will turn five during your year. Five! I hurt in my soul just saying that. How on earth did my boy, my tender hearted, fun loving, friends with every person he meets boy get to be almost five?!
  I will have my fourth child during your year. Can we just agree now that it should be an easy birth? I can't believe I'm going to start a new life again. For the fourth time. What a privilege, though sleep deprived and oftentimes a painful one. A fourth baby in our family. I pray I am worthy of her love and affection.
  The hubby and I will celebrate nine years of marriage. Nine years of trying to lay down our selfishness for one another. Some days are harder than others. Like when he wants to watch zombie movies and I'd rather drink vinegar. 
  I know, 2014, you'll provide us with plenty of challenges, like agreeing on paint colors or wood flooring or watching others go through heartache. But I know that we will make it through together, as long as we are united. 
  I have a few expectations for myself don't you worry. It's not all on you this time. I hope I will take each day captive and use it for love. I want to show so much more grace to others. Especially my family who, lets keep it real, has to show a lot of grace to me. I am not an easy pregnant woman to get along with. Unless you have ice cream, then we are besties. 
  I crave more for my soul from you 2014. I pray and hope to grow so much deeper and better myself. I want to show more patience and kindness. I want to share my story and who I am to others. For its in the sharing and relating to each other that we can become connected and unafraid of rejection. 
  I hope you provide me with opportunities to open my home and my heart to others. That I will seek out friendships for both my children and myself. That I will stop fearing rejection and accept what is and what is not. 
 I'm looking forward to you 2014. Let's make this a great year. 

 Oh, and I really hope I have the opportunity to eat a lot of cookies. 
  Love love love,

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