my new bike {printable}

my boy needs a new bike. bad.
we didn't really realize it till he made friends at the beach with a boy a year younger than him on a bike significantly bigger than his and significantly nicer than his. 

now, the "nicer" thing, that doesn't bother us. my children to not need to have the newest and best. 
however, their stuff should be age and size appropriate.

we also do not just "give" our kids things. they need to earn it, have earned the money for it, or it should be a special event. 

all that being said, we start swim lessons next week. my child hates, loathes, dreads, fears and all around despises swim lessons. so, as a motivation we're letting him earn a new bike over the coarse of the two weeks. he needs to have minimal tears and anxiety about it and he can earn a star each day. there are ten days of swim and he only needs 7 for the bike. because we all need grace. 

i designed these super cute star charts for him and it's been on our fridge for a few days already. we talk about it and encourage him to be brave for his new bike. 

i liked these so much i thought i'd share because they are so stinkin cute!

download 8x10 of version 1 here

 for the girls out there...
download 8x10 of version 2 here

i hope you enjoy them. i'll probably have a few good stories from lessons next week. 

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