we have been enjoying spring this week to its fullest.
hours and hours spent outside. which is how it's supposed to be. linking with jeanett

bubbles are fun for everyone.

our tree provides the best shade for babies and blankets.

picnics are interesting with an 18 month old. 
but then again meal time in general is interesting with an 18 month old. 

speaking of interesting. this girl is quirky and fantastic.
i love her spunk and her beauty. 

been really trying to figure out what this blog is for lately. how to use it. what i want out of it. where i want it to go.  and i do my best thinking in one of two places. the shower and late at night.
late at night is obvious. all the minions are sleeping and finally collapsing into bed allows my thoughts to be my own again. instead of the constant, who was changed last...where is cora...why is the baby crying...what's for dinner....where is cora...what did i come in here for...where is cora...etc.

the shower is more hit or miss. it totally depends on wether i have a minion in the shower with me. as of late only the middle child is allowed to shower with mommy. the oldest is at the age when, the topic of my not having certain body parts would pop up. and i don't really want to talk about that. especially not in the shower. the middle one is just as tricky though. she's happy to play at the faucet while i wash up and then it's her turn. however, just as i'm enjoying the relaxing flow of the water as i rinse my hair, a small finger inevitably goes places i don't want it to, and i've possibly even forgotten that she was in there and now screamed and given us both a near heart attack. and there are now tears.

today i had no one in the shower with me.
ahhhh. it's amazing how much more relaxing it is. i was able to just think about the normal and important stuff. our budget, meal planning, birthday celebrations coming up {side note. i do not like that time is such a thief. my baby boy is going to be FOUR on sunday. lame.}, and all the stuff in between. so we'll see what happens. i want to more committed, but there's a lot i need to be more committed to like housework, my children, etc. so where this all fits is a mystery to me. how do i make it all fit. while also dying to self and making what's most important a priority. i guess we shall just see.

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  1. I don't know what kind of flower that is but it is gorgeous!!!!


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