IG Friday

my week was as follows...

more games, less screens.
only problem is he has my genetic disposition to win. and that means i have to loose.
i'm not a fan of loosing.

pizza. and messes.
her two favorite things.

eating this straight out of the pan. 

{angels singing}aahhhhhhhhhhh! 
my pallet has finally been disassembled and the nails removed. stage one is complete
now it'll just take 1 year to get thru stage two and three. 

i love to cook. especially with lots of veggies. 
chopping and chopping makes me feel like julia child.

love it.

$1 roll of brown butcher paper from the dollar store. hours of fun.
that place is my friend.

these two are starting to look alike. and they love each other.

big girl. all by her big girl self at the table.

my boys. the big one is my fav, with the little one in a close second.

least favorite ride ever. i have mild panic attacks every time it stops. but i was holding the baby so i couldn't scream.

this is just awesomeness. i love it. it sums up 80% of my day. 

might be one of my favorites. and it might be my frame it moment.

i meal plan. but this this week i started weight watchers. so now i meal plan on a tight budget, on weight watchers, and i'm giving the baby new food. it's complicated, but i love doing it!

she kept asking me to sit and play. so i did. 
we made airplane noises like girls, prince charming drove the mini van, and only elephants were allowed on the ark (her version, not God's obv.). 

it was a good week. busy and crazy and tiring and fun. i hope yours was great. i've been watching the ig feed for snap and i just might try it next year. it looks so fun! we'll have to wait and see.

hope you are all having a great week. linking up with jeanett.

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