abc apple clothesline

target dollar section. i don't think i need to say more, but i will. 

target dollar section is one of my favorite places and most dangerous places ever invented. 
i wanted to share a major score i landed on a trip a few months ago.

i found these amazing foam apples there, 10 to a pack. and i had a great idea. it was like lightning had struck my brain. {anyone? anyone?} 

at home i added the lowercase letters to one side, and then numbers 1-20 on the opposite side. my boy knows his uppers by memory so i chose to make them lowers, but if your child does not, always start with uppers. 

i pushed all the junk to one side of the table. laid them out all hodgepodge and strung a line of twine from two chairs across the room. 

i told him he needed to take the apples and put them in order with clothespins.

this was a great activity. he worked on fine motor skills, memory recall (we sang the song any time he couldn't remember which letter was next), letter matching, sequencing, and we even got some patterning in there too.

all in all this cost me $3. and he loved it.  heck yes!!

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