the tree

the boys went to get the tree without us girls today.
the hubby says that my big boy was jumping with excitement.
he has so much joy in all of life, but it really gets going during the holidays.

every morning he reminds me we need to get the newest advent card to see what we are doing, and today's activity was picking out our christmas tree. 

we got it set up during nap and had the lights on and ready so he could do the decorating with us. 
i really wanted to take more photos, but having a baby literally attached to me didn't make it very do-able this year. 
but, i'd been seeing those amazing photos of the kids in front of the tree with just the twinkle lights on and how magical they were and i really wanted to take some. thankfully little blue boo did a quick "how-to" for photographing your tree. and even better, i have a talented friend who showed me how to and where the buttons were to change things like the f-stop, and iso. 

i think they turned out pretty stinkin' magical if you ask me. even if the tree wasn't totally decorated yet.

this ones my fav. 

i think they are wonderful. just like the subjects in the photo. completely wonderful.

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