Intstafriday {it's almost Christmas edition}

i meant to post this yesterday, but we had a christmas party here last night and never got around to it.
these are my photos from last week.
capturing little moments with my phone. {okay, anyone else say almost daily, "what did we do before iphones?" seriously. love that thing.}

lunch all by my self. 
nuf said.

this child has fantastic hair. 
and with fantastic hair you get even better bed-head hair.

i am making the boy a few capes for christmas. 
this is the felt pieces for his captain america one.
he's going to poop his pants he'll be so excited.

a few gift cards for our wonderful mail man.
it's so important not to forget the people who do the little things.

just chillin.

this is my other soul mate. 
my cousin molly. we're pretty much inseparable when we get the chance to be together.
most people think we are sisters. 

i don't know where she got this idea....

oh wait, never mind. i do know where she got that idea.

do not, for your own safety, go to costco.
holy crazy vile it's nuts there!

the next few days are filled with parties and wrapping gifts {which my baby sitter is doing for me tonight!! ha. i hate wrapping presents, so this is a big time win for me.} and enjoy our daddy being home for 7 days.
have a wonderful holiday!

life rearranged

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