why have i not done this before????

i made freezer meals today. they are all over pinterest and i was really wanting to try it.

people. it was crazy easy.

i should clarify that this mama can't exactly stand for more than 15-30 mins with out her belly starting to burn, so i had some legit kitchen help. therefore the "i" is more of a "we."

none the less. it was amazing.

we worked for maybe 1 1/2 hours and made 4 recipes, 2 meals each which gives me 8 dinners. CRAZY EASY!!!

i chose to do all crock pot meals since baby girl #2 is due any day, and i wanted to be able to drop them in the crock pot and have 'someone else' cook for me while i'm still in the don't-know-if-i-should-handle-an-open-flame-phase. commonly known as "baby fog."

we made:

i made the spaghetti with browned turkey meat, italian seasoning, a jar of tj's marinara sauce, and then added diced up veggies. easy peasy!

the only recipe we've not yet tried is the scalloped potatoes. i sounds great and hopefully the family will like it.

honestly people. why are we not doing this more!
my cooking partner and i plan on doing this again...or at least i plan on recruiting her to help me again.
i'd love to try some non-crock pot meals. like a chicken pot pie, or a beef enchiladas.
can't wait to show the hubster all i....i mean 'we' did.

you can get so many recipes from the amazing blog world, and make sure if you see something on pinterest to go to original link and give the lady some credit for her work!!!

i linked up to a fun blog where you share what you've actually made from pinterest.
nice to see the other blogs and see what worked and what flopped.
check it out!

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