wonderful wednesdays

i've been wanting to start a series that keeps me accountable to blogging more often.

but i didn't want to do the 'what i wore wednesday' any more. being preggo doesn't motivate me to be cute in my clothes.
i just want to wear stretchy pants, a sports bra and my hair up in a pony.
just keepin it real. 

speaking of keepin it real...
it's true i love to craft. i love to read blogs. i love chocolate and peanut butter. 
but it's also true i don't always love being a mom. it's hard work.

really hard work. i know it's mostly the stage of their life that makes it hard having kids, but man. 
this mama is tired. 

so, my new series is gonna help me focus on the wonderful things. thus 'wonderful wednesdays.'
i want to take every wednesday to highlight one or two things about each baby that i think is wonderful about them!

mister mischief:
i think your love for life is wonderful!
i wish i had have the joy for anything that you have for bubbles! 
you love music. and it's hilarious the songs you make up on your new guitar, drum & piano toy. 
most of them are a combination of jesus loves me, the abc's, twinkle twinkle little star all put together.

my lovey girl:
your quirkyness is so wonderful!
 you went shopping with me and kept that ring in  your mouth the entire time. i was dying. you didn't need any other toys at all.
you love to play peak-a-boo. you'll instigate it with your blankets and get such a big smile when we "find" you!

my babies are wonderful.

 they are my blessings.
(he turned 3 this month.)

hope you'll come back next week for more wonderfulness...and we'll know who's in my belly by then, so we'll probably have a special announcement!

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  1. Your babies are beautiful Amy! Love reading your blog, you are a wonderful mommy and excited for your new little one God is blessing you with! Donna


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