busy boxes for my busy boy

i have this boy.
he melts my heart. and in the same second makes me want to rip out my hair.

he says things like:
 "that's okay mom. it's my fault."
 "oh mom. you look like a pretty princess."
 "hi mom. you have a great time." (while talking to me on a fake phone.)
 "mom. i love you. you change me. i pooped."

he is busy.
in the best way though. not like crazy kid busy. just little boy busy.
so i made him some busy boxes.

the purpose of these is to create a structured time for him to sit quietly in his room or some designated area and play with only the things in the box.

ideally, i would like him to do this for up to 30 mins. wishful thinking? possibly.

some people have asked what are in my boxes...
so here are my boxes.
i made five boxes. one for every day of the work week. sat/sun we won't do them.
every box has 2 books, something kinesthetic oriented, academic oriented, and something fun. 

here's two close ups.
in this box:
play dough
a puzzle
2 board books
washable crayon & 2 name sheets for him to practice tracing
pom poms for him to take out and put back in thru a small whole in the top.
this may sound lame, but trust me. he'll love it.
in this box:
play dough
2 books
i spy bottle
felt pizza to put together
number matching legos

the great thing about these boxes is you can constantly be changing the things in them.
target $1 section has tons of great items for these!!!

being a previous teacher i did have a lot of the stuff in them. but you could easily shop your kids toys (i did with his books), and the dollar store to fill these boxes.

as for ideas. pinterest, blog world and your google search bar will overwhelm you with results.

hope you enjoyed and have fun making your own!!!

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