random ramblings

so. how are you guys?
good. good.

we are crazy. just like normal. wouldn't have it any other way.

baby sister is 4 months old and trying desperately to roll over.
she did successfully do it once, but as the amazing mother i am i did not have the camera on in time.

she is still not sleeping all night. shoot me. 
i'm a zombie most days. 
starbucks is my friend and that's all there is to say about that.

we've been doing lots of projects for the mister mischief. 

 colored rice for a sensory bin

 busy boxes:
1. stringing beads on pipe cleaners
2. sorting pom-poms w/ pliers into saved egg cartons

i've made quite a few boxes lately.
trying not to feel like a bad mommy since my kid watches a lot of t.v. in the a.m. {zombie mommy is just not up for entertaining}, so i want stuff for him to do or that we can do together in the p.m.

we made a color matching box using paint chips.
i thought this was a great box, until he broke some of the clothes pins. 
i made another one with "jewels" and glass fish tank marbles for him to search for buried treasure in!
that idea i got from this site.

my girlfriend also did a whole post on busy bags/boxes. you can check it out here.

we also did some science projects.
this is called "exploding colors."
you put drops of food coloring into milk, 
then you drop a little drop of dish soap on top of them and they explode. it's pretty cool!

as far as me...i want to craft really bad. 
i'm dying to make a clothes pin wreath for the front door. 
maybe this next nap time? or i could take a nap. that is a tough one.

you know that song from that one band about "your hair is everywhere..." 
{you know, that one.}
omg that song might just be about me. my hair is falling out like crazy!
i don't know, maybe it's not about me specifically. 
because my hair falling out isn't screaming infidelities, more hormonal changes. 
but that's probably not a very trendy lyric. 
"your hair is everywhere...screaming hormonal changes..."
 nope doesn't have the same ring to it.

either way, i feel like chewbacca shedding his winter coat. it's royally rediculous.

so that's us. our life. 
baby doesn't sleep, but she is super cute so she'll get a pass for right now.
mister mischief is 100% owning up to his title. 
daddy works like crazy. 
and i am a shedding zombie. 

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