felt circle flower headband {tutorial}

remember this headband that little miss was wearing in this post?

well, i promised you a tutorial!

gather your supplies:
1 sheet of felt (got mine at Michaels)
glue gun
elastic for the band

to make the flower:
cut your felt into 4 circles. 3 will be different sizes for the flower itself, and 1 to add at the end.
i used measuring cups to do the circles, and then i cut them out a little off for the fun of it. crafting is not meant to be perfect.

next take a lighter to the edges of each circle to give them a more unique feel. I didn't photo this part for the obvious... needed to hold the lighter and the circle. no hands for the camera. and being that i try to only play with fire when my hubby isn't around to scrutinize me he wasn't there to help.

layer your flowers and put a dot of hot glue in between each layer.

now for the actual headband:
take your elastic and cut it. i used 13 inches and it fits great on my little ladies head great.

now, take your fourth circle and put a line of hot glue on it.

lay one end of your elastic halfway and then bring it around (being careful not to twist the band) and lay the other end on the other half of the hot glue.
add hot glue all over that circle and attach to the underside of your flower.
voila!! you are done.
i added a cute button, but a pearl or some sequins would be super cute too!!
all that's left is to take a picture of your cute little one wearing it!
as my son would say: "aww. so cute baby sister"


  1. It is so cute. Of course, with a baby that cute, how could you go wrong? ;-)


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