was a big day.

we went to the dr and he said we're not moving up my due date after all. she's just big and not due till September 25th still.


i was pretty bummed most of the morning.
looks like we're gonna be waiting a little while longer to wear these cute shirts.
we did finish the babies room yesterday before my appointment. the crib is in and it's amazing! all that's left is to hang stuff on the walls.

like the project i did with these little cuties:
what is it you ask? i guess i'm just a mean ol' tease and you'll have to wait to find out....

we also went to disneyland. yes. disneyland.
"but you're extremely pregnant!" yes, i know.
it was hard, but worth it to take my little boy just with mommy & daddy.

he was pretty whiney and difficult till some of the crowds died down.
i actually almost abandoned him in pizza port. purposefully.
but all in all it was good for my hubby and i to go together and for us to have a family day, which doesn't happen too often. besides, we rewarded our amazing parenting efforts with hagen daz malts in downtown disney and that made everything worth it!

we're off to the pool today to give my hips a break from all this pressure and to help beat this nasty heat wave! hope you have a great friday!!! i promise i will post the babies room in a few days!!!

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  1. You deserve a milkshake after going to Disney with your baby! What a good Mama. I only went once with my family when I was 18 and I could NOT believe the crowds. Pure craziness! Hope your delivery goes beautifully! I also hope it comes sooner than the Dr's say!


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