baby girls nursery...

you've all been very patient.
here you go:

i love it. my hubby has been the most amazing handyman getting this room done.
he did the floors, the walls, the new door, the moulding, the chair rail, all the painting, etc...

this wall might be my favorite!
letter c: from ballard design
embroidery hoops: jo-anns & some from home
fabric in hoops: beverlys
i made the bunting one (remember the triangles?) and the flower one.

ladder shelf: homegoods
bottom farm basket: container store
middle farm basket: marshalls
cute box on top: jo-anns
knobs on dresser: anthro (ages ago purchase that i never used!)

i made the 'baby' sign with my cricut.
and re-used the baskets on the top shelf from mr. mischief's room
the other baskets in the floor shelf were parts of gifts.

corner cubbard was from my mom's house and is old,
but i couldn't tell you how old.
old books (original brother's grimm fairy tales, my childhood bible, "emily post's guide to etiquette", my grandmother's copy of "the notebook" and some Shakespeare)
small easle painting was done by the big brother
tin bucket for hair things: target
kiss, love, hugs pillows: a store in tennessee from ages ago.
button bouquet: me diy
house frame w/ picture of mr. mischief: homegoods
masson gars & milk glass: antique store in Cambria
beautiful tulip painting: my husbands grandfather

my mom made the bumper!! and the dustruffle is from restoration hardware.
BUT, i got it at the outlet for only $23!!!!!!!! amazing find.

bird art: mommy & cousin molly diy
frames from all over and spray painted to be similar
butter pats are from my personal collection when i was a girl.

just had to put this last one of the mischief maker. i think he's excited for her to come and stay in her room since it's all we've been working on and talking about. let's just hope he doesn't try to climb in while she's in there.

well. i hope you liked it, and that the photos did it justice. thanks for being patient. i know it took a while, but i'm thrilled with the result. i find myself in there just rocking away thinking about what it'll be like to actually have her here soon! hopefully sooner than later too!


  1. LOVE it! you guys did an amazing job!

  2. its beautiful Amy! i love how you put everything together! so creative!

  3. Can Brent do our kitchen and family room floor? JK. Everything is so adorable. In both rooms I love the mix of old and new! Also I love, love, love the big boy bed in the next room. You have no idea the emotions I had laying in bed with Laine pretending we were napping. He even handed me a blankie. What a great heritage to pass on.

  4. Oh my goodness I am in love with this room! Every single little detail is just perfect! I love the wall art! I am so honored and thrilled that you linked my fall mantle because now I am drooling over your blog! You hsould totally link up at my place on Thursdays too! ps I am a new follower!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


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