blessings & labor & delivery

i've been having a tough few days. or few months i should say.

i'm going to blame it on my attitude and selfish heart hormones.

this little girl almost tried to come out on tuesday. i ended up in labor & delivery with contractions 2 mins apart! 2 mins apart is something you would like to see at 37 weeks on your monitor, but not at 27 weeks.

my little mountains (very important medical term for what contractions look like on the monitor) were bigger than some of the girls who were there to actually have their babies.

the hubster was at work, so my mom had to take me, and thankfully my dad was able to watch mr. mischief. he was able to finally get someone to take his shift and get to the hospital around 8:30 p.m. which made me feel much better right away.

it was super discouraging and super painful to be honest. they couldn't figure out why i was having them, but three i.v. bags, three rounds of meds and one very uncomfortable day later i was released.

all in all i was there for only 17 hours, but trust me i would have much rather spent them anywhere else.

we did find out that even though i'm technically 28 weeks, she is measuring closer to 30.
so that explains the big belly. not the peanut butter. definitely not the peanut butter.

i wasn't put on bed rest, but was told to take it easy and drink obscene amounts of water due to the heat.

just the idea of bed rest frustrates me. i'm such a goal oriented person that i couldn't imagine not getting stuff done.

then i got frustrated that i wouldn't accept help and wanted to do it all on my own. i know i need to be willing to accept help. especially when she really should come out!

so daddy stayed home and hung out with the little man for a few days so i could get stuff done rest. they went to get the car washed and came home with killer tattoos.
this is his "snake" and it makes a macho sound.
but in all my frustrations and lots of crying to my husband last night, i decided to change my attitude today.

i can, and will make a choice to be happy, and encouraged. i will count my blessings.
i have the amazing blessing of watching this little man grow.
he has been entrusted to me and it is such a gift.
and these two together always makes my heart warm. they are magic together. magic that feeds my soul.

hopefully the little girl stays put for a while longer, and i let myself take it easy.

one of my favorite people is heading into town on sunday and we have big plans for some serious crafting! so stay tuned for some great pics!! have a great holiday weekend.

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