A big fat F

you know how grades meant everything when you're a kid. well maybe you weren't one of those people? i was.

to me, grades were crutial. it was a reflection of me as a person. and the better the grade the more my parents paid rewarded me.

as an adult i frequently give my self a grade for the day. just for kicks usually. for example: the other day i was a great mom. i didn't lose my temper. we did crafts. i made a lunch that didn't involve processed cheeses & noodles. all in all an A+ day as a mommy.

today was another story.

i get a big fat F. F for failure. epic fail today. epic.

let me explain. no that will take too long. let me sum up. (movie anyone?)

our bags were all packed, we were loaded in the car and heading to san diego for a wedding this weekend. we decided to take a quick stop at disneyland to cut the travel time in half.

now let me preface this with, i had booked our hotel on priceline two weeks ago. they have some lovely non-gracious policies that we had already had problems with. it ended up being much more expensive that we could have afforded, but non the less we were going and going to make the best of it.

after playing in DCA we started to head on down to our hotel. i decided to call the hotel and confirm our reservation and request a king size bed. thank the lord i did. because the very sweet man on the other end of the phone regretted to inform me that my reservation was for the previous weekend.

didn't catch that? THE PREVIOUS WEEKEND!

who does that? apparently i do.

so, we have no hotel. we've driven over half way. i'm balling like an idiot. and i'm sure my husband wants to kick me out of the car. i wouldn't have blamed him.

we drove home.

and promptly booked another hotel for tomorrow. so, a weekend that was a little too expensive for us has now become extremely too expensive for us. were this not my cousin and dear friend's wedding and were my son not the ring bearer, i would have thrown in the towel.

i'm sure i'm supposed to say something about how, i'll grow from this. or that everyone makes mistakes, or some sort of blah blah blah. but i'll be honest. i felt as small as an ant. and i still feel that way.

i'm not looking for sympathy, or kind words (dad), or anything like that. just venting. and sharing a story. hope your weekend started and finishes better than mine did.


  1. Ok it must be something in the air because I had an epic failure of a day yesterday too and along the same lines! I had planed a field trip for our homeschool group to go to the nature center here in Burbank. Well space cadet me forgets and leaves 20 people including small children, stranded in the mountains! I didn't even have my phone on me to receive the texts they were all sending me. So since you don't want to hear kind words(even thought your dad probably still will. Dad's are like that in an awesome kind of way) I'll just tell you "I feel ya" Hope the rest of the weekend goes better

  2. Just posting to say that I am not posting to give you platitudes and reminders of wonderful you really are. Sometimes life just stinks. Sorry couldn't help myself. love you, Dad


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