happy birthday banner {tutorial}

this is from the little mans little b-day party. see the banner behind him? i made it. that afternoon. super easy

and here's how:
you'll need...
scissors, glue, hole punch
cut out letters for what you're spelling out (i used my cricut)
paper star bursts
paper bunting triangles
foam dots
old christmas cards

for my starbursts i used my cricut yet again.

to make my bunting triangles i took a 12x12 and cut it in half.
then each half i cut at 7 1/2 inches, eyeballed the middle and cut it diagonally
it's not a perfect triangle, but it's home made.

here's where the christmas cards come in... take your triangles and glue them onto the christmas card, then cut w/ your scissors. this gives the triangles more durability so it will last longer and stand up to multiple uses.
take your starbursts and glue your letters on. i chose to put them in a pattern. but random could be cute if your patterned paper is all the same.
i wanted a fun 3-dimentional look to the banner, so i added paper dots instead of just gluing my starburst letters to the triangles. these are double sided so it sticks to both!
i did chose to put the patterned triangles in a pattern as well, so i laid out the pattern and then started gluing in order.
hole punch each corner of each triangle penant and thread your twine thru.
hang and enjoy!

hope you enjoyed and would love to see if you make any of your own with this tutorial. have a great weekend.


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