bubbles and chalk

childhood is so simple. there are little joys and pleasures to be had out of everything.
i love that my boy is totally happy and beyond content when there is bubbles and chalk involved.

that was our morning. outside in the shade blowing bubbles with the giant bubble wands from target's $1 section. then the necessary drawing on all parts of the ground with the new chalk too!
our evening was wonderful too. impromptu evening out with oma & aunt nini (hubby's mom & sister) to get fro yo on this hot day!! he was so excited just to have his own cup, i probably could have almost gotten away with not filling it. almost.

then why not cool off in their fun kid fountain. i had walked in a store and all i kept hearing was hysterical laughter coming from my family. decided to get out there quick!

my child was soaked. you know he loves water. this was no different. families were stopping and watching him play with pure joy in the fountain. which is designed for kids to play in it. don't think i let my kid go tromping thru some giant fountain. i'll take pics next time.
all that to say we had a great spring (which felt more like summer) day yesterday! coming up... a bridal shower! with the cutest garland i've ever made!!!

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  1. Found your blog from kelle hampton and just wanted to say hi :)

    Your little boy is just too cute! Oh, those cheeks!!

    Aren't you loving the nicer weather? So nice to get to be outside!

    Oh, I'm hosting a fun little giveaway on my blog - you should come check it out! (posted yesterday!)


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