i have 18 friends that are pregnant right now. that is a lot. a crazy lot.

and, now, i am one of them. :)

yep. you read that right. i am preggs. again.

hence the lack of blogging at all lately. i've had a major case of first trimester fatigue.

and pregnancy brain. i've forgotten just about everything once you tell it to me. and forget committing to something. i could tattoo my calendar to the insides of my eyelids and it wouldn't help me. holy moly. it's so annoying. :)

okay. that's the last of the complaining. promise. instead i'll share some lovely pregnant moments from this last few months:

just about anything makes me cry these days. the first few weeks after finding out i wasn't feeling well and the only thing that sounded good was the yumminess of a chick-fil-a sandwich.

those things are so good they literally brought me to tears.

yes. i just said i cried over a chicken sandwich. sooo pregnant.

i didn't expect to have bladder control problems until after delivery, but apparently i was wrong. if you've ever had a baby you know that the twisted nurses make you drink an obscene amount of water prior to having an ultrasound in the beginning. if it weren't so important to see that little bean wiggling in there i would have shouted profanities at my ultrasound tech for making me pee my pants.

yes. i just said pee my pants. i did. in the ob gyn's bathroom.

i tried to convince myself i could just pee a little. i figured i could, and when i walked in the bathroom i got so excited to go that's when i peed my pants. i was literally telling myself out loud to stop peeing when someone walked into the bathroom. so awkward. {i did stop. in case you were wondering. not easy to do, but it was worth it!}

all my husband has to do is imitate the sound of throwing up and i'm bending over the bushes. oh, and he does. he thinks it's funny.

anywho. that's pretty much what i've been up to. it's already been a lot of crazy surprises with this one. i can't wait to get a decent ultrasound pic to show you guys.

have a great week. coming soon... my new etsy page and all it's yummy items!


  1. 18 friends IS a CRAZY amount of pregnant friends. However, I am glad you are one of my pregnant friends :) So excited for your new little one on the way!

  2. i loved reading this!!!! it cracked me up. i'm so excited you are pregnant again! what a blessing! we will be trying in a couple of months and i cannot wait! my hubby used to make throw up sounds too and then i'd puke so he stopped. lol. lovely men!

  3. hahaahhahahahahahaha gosh. wish i could have been there for some of those moments....


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