i am taking on a real challenge for me.

i am linking up to lindsey cheney's "what i wore wednesday." the linking part is not the challenge, but more the outfits part. lindsey started this to challenge herself to not wear sweats all day everyday and started to document and share her cute style.

my challenge is that i don't think i have very cute style. but i have to say i'm decently proud of how cute i think i looked. i liked what i was wearing and i felt more confident getting dressed nice with my hair and make up done.

so here you go: (OH, and i appologize for the pictures. i have a very crummy point & shoot, nothing fancy like the other ladies, but it's on my tax-return-wish-list! so i played with them in my iphoto editing program. hope they turn out!)

sweater: target (on sale!)
undershirt: gap
pants: target
necklace: macy's (gift from the hubbster for christmas!)
shoes: i don't want to talk about it.

pants: target
undershirt: gap
long sleeve white shirt: marshalls
3/4 cardigan: target
scarf: handmade ages ago from a coworker
flower pin: me!

i didn't take a picture of me on new years eve because i didn't leave my pajamas at all! even went thru the drive thru at chick-fil-a in them!

new years day! happy new year
pants: target (noticing something?)
undershirt: gap
tee-shirt: loft
grey cardigan: loft
flower pin: me again

sunday: going to church and working in the pre-k room (also, it snowed this day at our house in little santa clarita so i was not in this outfit for long!)
pants: target
undershirt: gap
blue ruffle shirt: old navy (on sale for $7!!)
grey cardigan: loft
headband: target

pants: target
white ruffle tank: old navy
(wanna know how much? wait for it....$3!!!!)
Green cotton cardigan: old navy (full price, but it was worth it.)
necklace: local boutique
rolled rosettes headband: me

pants: target
tank: gap
grey striped long sleeve tee: target ($8!)
necklace: target

so. a few observations. i like target. i wear a lot of grey.

you'll never see a picture of my shoes. that is because i have a foot problem and i have to wear crocks most of the day. i know. the shame. it's my sons fault. i blame him.

and about the pants. i recently lost about 16 lbs and i'm one to two sizes smaller than almost all my clothes in my closet. yay me! i have a horrible time shopping for jeans and these are the only ones that even relatively fit me! i've asked the hubby for permission to by pants that my son won't be able to pull down when trying to climb his up my leg to get my attention. he's said yes, but i just hate looking and trying on!

hopefully by next week i'll have better pants. or just more so i'm not wearing the same ones. every day.


  1. I love anything with flowers or ruffles on I love your outfits! Welcome to WIWW! It's so much fun!

  2. I love your style! Very cute outfits! Welcome to WIWW :)

  3. Cute, cute, cute!! Congrats on losing weight.

  4. You're so cute Amy! I especially like the outfits on Thursday and Monday :)


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