i'm lovin' it!

i just have to share some things i am loving right now.

the weather. i love a warm day with a breeze! i don't like to be hot, i'm not a fan of being cold, but give me 72-74 degrees and i'm one happy lady.

tortilla chips & queso dip. i told you i like mexican food right?! i'm a huge chips & salsa girl, but i have a secret, well maybe not so secret, love for queso dip. i don't care if it will line my intestinal wall for years, it's too good to stop.

this is my son's "educational play" cabinet.
it's got paint & flash cards, and color bags (to help learn our primary colors) and so much more.
it's nice to have it in one place and i can just grab what i want to work on with him and then put it right back where it belongs. :)

naps. i don't usually like them. i actually feel that they are a waste of time. however, i am fighting a cold and i can't help myself. (yawn. it's almost that time actually.)

this book. talk about life changing. read it. now.

the creative genius of my dear friend taylor. she has a very resourceful blog for moms of toddlers that i read a lot. she is a preschool teacher (that's how we met) and our boys are only 6 weeks apart. i can't tell you how often i do her activities in my house. everything in my little man's cabinet above- her idea! if you've got littles you should check her out, she's got great ideas.

my sweet boy's hugs. i was gone for a few hours this morning, and he noticed. when i came home he wouldn't let go of me. best. feeling. ever. my soul was warmed. these loves are very few and far between because he's usually way to busy playing to stop and give mama some loving. but when he does. heaven i tell ya. heaven.

this lady's belly. she's expecting her first. so exciting. all i want to do is rub her belly and watch it move. i'm helping throw her baby shower in two weeks and i can't wait. it's bird themed and going to be awesome. i'll post after it happens.

my two boys together. whatever daddy does, he does. period.

totally bad photo, but they rode the hubby's bike for at least 30 mins last night. loved it. my heart was so full.

girl scout thin mint cookie ice cream. no need to elaborate.

and...i know there's more, but honestly, i'm tired and i need a nap.

hope you all have a great week.

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  1. Happy Friday!I'm blog hopping today. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Wishing you happiness and a fabulous weekend of Happy, Katherine


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