black holes

when i say black hole what do you think of? i don't think of some cosmic event where planets are sucked into oblivion, but more my mother's purse. and i say that lovingly of course. it was her name for her purse anyways.

so much went missing from that purse when i was a kid. sadly i am finding myself in similar situations here at home.

i found at this blog a challenge for 21 days to organization. she's a rock star. i've decided not to commit to the entire challenge, but follow and do as much as i could.

well, i started that organizational kick last week and went crazy with purging, cleaning, sorting, etc... and my husband loved it. he was thrilled we could actually find what we were looking for. go figure. so, i decided to show you more of my progress. last time i showed you my embarrassing hoarding find and the organization under the sink. this time i went to do the junk drawer, only to find we actually had three.
so here you go:
kitchen junk drawer

craft room junk drawer

i did not change anything prior to taking these photos.
it was seriously that bad.
when you walk in my house it usually looks clutter free. i've just shown you that is because i hide my messiness in my cabinets & drawers.

two. whole. boxes to empty those drawers. crazy!!!
next i went thru the boxes and purged. i tested every single marker, pen, pencil, etc...
i also laid out all the organizing boxes i purchased and instantly sorted them to their proper place. i made sure that i knew which boxes were going where. it wouldn't be purposeful to put the clip's for open bags in the craft room when i'd most likely need them in the kitchen.

then i just put it all back, but correctly this time.
craft room drawer
i liked having a closed box for my little man's markers & crayons to just grab when he's feeling artistic. (dollar store $2.50)

kitchen drawer
i got all the blue baskets at the dollar store 3/$1.50 and the wooden boxes i already had.

the next project was my son's junk drawer. this one was, i think, the worst one.
you can't even see the bottom!!! ridiculous.

again. i put it all in a box and purged. threw away old snacks, gathered infant stuff to go up in the attic, etc...
and now.... ta-da!
notice the naughty hands trying to get into the box , he sees the snack bars.

it's beautiful. i can actually see the bottom.
the box with the snacks was also from the dollar store. i think it was $1.50/$2? the basket with the cups i already had out on the counter.
which helped me make more space on my countertops. woo-hoo for me!

thanks for visiting. next time i'll show you my pantry. that was a crazy one. but one of my favorite to do!


  1. Yay! Doesnt it just feel so great? Thanks for being a part of the challenge.


  2. My favorite part is the fingers ready to jump into your newly organized drawer.


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