Where did it go?

I think I must have had a black out.

I don't remember transitioning from this:

To this:

Today he is ONE & A HALF!!!

How did he become a talking, running, interactive, imagination playing, sound-effect-making little boy?! I am madly in love with him more each day, even though it doesn't seem like I could because my heart might burst.

He wants to be with us at all times. Well, that is unless he's sticking his hand in the toilet, taking out all the contents of our drawers, unraveling the toilet paper roll, jumping from the dining room chair to the living room chair and doing everything possible to get into daddies guitar case.

I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said something very simple and yet very important for us to remember: Love Life

I was having a bad day the day I saw that. And it struck me right in the heart. I have an amazing life. I am blessed beyond reason and have nothing in my life that I deserve. I need to not care as much what my house looks like, and care more about the people I fill it with. I need to spend more time loving my boys and less time getting frustrated by them. I know that won't happen over night, but every day I'm going to try and "love life" a little more. I need to pursue the things I love, like crafting and cooking and my hubby.

My new creation

I also need to love the things I have, not wanting the things and situations of others. I am not someone who desires "things", as much as I desire their life situation. Their older wiser life stage, with their older kids (who I dream whine a lot less than mine, even though I'm pretty sure that's a common problem with all ages) and their nice houses, which are probably their second homes, and everything that seems to be so simple.

And yet, I know it's not that simple. Because, when you are looking at someone envying what they have, more likely than not, someone else is doing the same thing to you! We are all lucky. Every single one of us. And I am going to try harder to act that way more often. I know that even on my worst day I need to start loving that day, because before I know it I'll be doing another "Where did it go?" post and he'll be 3!


  1. Wonderfully put! I have an amazing poem that hangs in Cruz's room and time to time I read it to remind myself of exactly what you are taking about. When Cruz isn't sleeping I will copy it down and send it to you. I think you will really love it. It truly reminds me of how I want to live my life and raise our family :)

  2. Hi there Amy! I think I do remember you! Are you Emily's big sister?!!!


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