the right kind of business...and a pinterest fail.

we haven't had a single day at home with nothing going on since august. i'm aware that's normal for most families with older kids or those with children in main stream education. but, for us with littles and being preggo {as usual} it's hard on us to be on the go every day of the week.

praise be to sweet jesus that soccer is done and that means thursday is our home day. a day for us to be together and be productive in all the right ways.

i woke early as i usually do, but the hubby and i had talked about budgeting the night before. and the nerd in me couldn't wait to get my cup of coffee and do the budget. yes, i did say i was excited about budgeting. we have an amazing system that we learned thru dave ramsey and we actually look forward to payday and all that we can accomplish with the blessings we have been given. also helps that we have next to no debt. and did i mention we will have our second completely cash christmas this year. boom! christmas is completely funded and i am in love. 

we had breakfast, watched octonauts. do yourself a favor and don't watch. not because it isn't cute, or educational, or witty for the folks. don't watch unless you want to be singing the jingle when you wake up to pee at 2 a.m....creature report...creature report... what was i going to say, oh yes, child labor. i am a fan. after the morning show the kiddos dressed, and 'the beast' as we are now referring to her as went down for her short morning nap. we then tackled the one job daddy gave us. clean out the car. 
 i personally hate doing it and i can't get into the back. and that's why i have so many minions. it was very helpful though, and they do love to be helpful.

we made cookies, and colored together. had lunch, read books, played outside, i collapsed on the couch when they went to bed. i should have taken a nap with them, but hind sight is 20/20. i made dinner which turned out great! home made chicken strips, with smashed potatoes, and asparagus & carrots.

i should clarify that my "smashed potatoes" was something that i found on a website via pinterest. things always look so pretty on pinterest. i do not have that touch. let me show you. please. you'll enjoy this.
from lovegrowswild...
her version is so beautiful. very pleasing to the eyes and look all her potaotes are intact. 

not so much. they did taste good. so i have that going for me, but they look horrendous.

along with the budget win, i also tackled the laundry monster. i genuinely think that not only do i have a sock gnome who steals my kids socks, but that my laundry might actually be reproducing. five loads later they are clean and folded. i will attempt to put them away in about two weeks.
i had some good down time and enjoyed one on one time with all the kids. home days are so wonderful, they'd only be better if daddy were home and we lived in our own home again. but we are getting close. only time will tell, hopefully my sanity can last that long.

linking up my pinterest adventure with jessica.


  1. hilarious. i love the pintertest kitchen exactly for this reason. :)

    so glad the tasted good!

  2. I was so happy our baby was due in the beginning of September because it gave me an out for soccer this year. Next year might be a different story. I'm sorry they looked yucky (they really don't look THAT bad...) but happy they tasted good. Thank you for linking up!


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