instafriday {september & october}

i haven't done instafriday in ages. mostly because of all the moving and birthdays and chaos that insues. 
i appologize. today i am making up for it with a massive instagram collage. here's the past, ahem, few weeks...

moving requires the following:
lots of boxes and messes before it can be clean.
date night
sneaking candy in my car without my kids knowing
more messes
putting babies in boxes
and meltdowns. 
 september was the month of birthday's in the kneisler household.
i protested that she could possibly be turning one, but it did happen.
and little miss big 2 year old helped make and devour cupcakes in her usual fashion.
 the usual everyday fun...
trains (his heart is all about trains and building tracks. thinking he might be an engineer when he grows up)
lunch picnics in the park
daddy getting welcome home snuggles
naked babies at the dr
sticking it to the man with my awesome cvs trips
we found out what we are having this week.
another girl. three girls. 2 and under. holy hormonal chaos. 
good thing we have this silly boy to keep us sane.  
and, i actually left my hair down one day. gasp. it was a breakthrough moment for me.

that's our week, err, weeks. 
linking up with jeanett and looking forward to seeing some great moments from everyone else's week. 

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