Camping. With kids. Three little kids.

The title tells it all. Its crazy. We are on a week camping trip at the beach. With all the kids. And sand. And dirty tired kids. But so far we've survived our first day and they are loving it. 
I hate driving with them all in the back seat so close to me. They are right there. Touching each other and talking to me. I realize I'm crazy, but I actually like quiet and peace on long drives. This is where you'd say, "you probably shouldn't have had kids then." It's like sleeping. If you like it, don't have children. They are sleep stealers. But cute ones. 

They were up with the sun. And ready to go when I finally let them loose at 8. The poor people around us. Sleeping in is for the weak. Or retired. Or actually those most fortunate. 
By 10 we'd walked the beach finding items for the boy's "collection." Subsequently getting soaked and thoroughly loving it. And we started in on the cookies. 
Most of our day was playing and exploring. Napping was involved too though it was shorter than this mamas liking. The amount of sand that my middle child is eating, throwing, and displacing in various unmentionable places is unreal. 
The trailer has been the game changer. No way in you-know-where would I ever tent camp with three little kids. Ever. Never ever ever.

 We took a break for about an hour to give daddy time to cook in peace. And I found her just looking at books. I love her. 
The minions were put in bed, though that seems to hold little to no meaning here, and we enjoyed the beautiful outside in quiet.  It's going to be a tiring trip to be sure, but my biggest is making memories and I love watching it happen. 

He told me today he was so happy to wake up at the beach and get to dig in the sand. Enough said. 


  1. can't wait to come see you guys on Tuesday.

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