our weeks{s} in IG

well hello there. 
been absent from the blog, just haven't had the time. blah blah usual excuses etc...

onto the photos.
linking up with jeanett. enjoy!

clockwise from the top left:
-if a picture is worth 1000 words, that sums up why we don't do spaghetti.
-teacher appreciation week at school makes my sweet boy's heart happy
-toured a model home that was made, and designed for me. unless the hubs becomes fire chief it ain't gonna happen.
-smiley ice cream face.
clockwise from the top left: 
-while bathing the babies, two gentelmen took some photographic liberties with my phone. made me smile and laugh one night when i found them. 
-heading to disneyland. poor grandma and aunt neni (emily) had to sit back there. 
-my happy girl. 
-almost cried, okay so i cried a little, with the most amazing sleeping beauty at disneyland. 
she was hands down the best character our family has experienced. 
clockwise from the top left:
- loving the new beautifulmess app. 
-starting to read some of those books i bought. this one is wrecking our world in the best way.
-the caption explains it all. she's crazy and hilarious.
-doing school work outside is the best.
clockwise from the top left:
-sometimes laundry baskets are for enjoying a book without the sisters stealing it. 
-unless one comes along and tips you over.
-my eight month old stands. all the time. everywhere. 
-but she is the smiliest eight month old. and i love her.

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  1. look at all those memories being made!! Such a good mama!!


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