our week has been full.
full of christmas activities.
full days with daddy home. {my favorite kind of days.}
here's a little glimps from my instafeed...

had to get the cool blurry/sparkle pic of the tree.
don't mind the kid with no pants. he's very comfortable at home.
drops them within 30 secs of coming in the front door and exclaims, "my pants keep me hot."
nuf said kid, mama wants to wear no pants too.

this buttery goodness turned into these:
i'd pinned them long ago, and finally 'tis the season to make them.
they were delish!

aftermath of making oreo crusted peanut butter bars. i will re-make, photo and post the recipe. 
they are technically to give away, but the hubby keeps sneaking some, not sure we'll have any left.

lots of crafting! and gift making.

these are called 'pocle' sticks in our house now. and i may never refer to them any other way.

this little one is a fantastic, beautiful, hot mess of a disaster.
she's totally crazy and sassy and firey and oozes attitude, but i kinda love it and think she's awesome.

sometimes we get snuggles.

sometimes we steal them.

don't you wear a monkey backpack to the table? 
and using the fork the regular way is so last year.

linking up with jeanette. hop over and give the other photos a look. happy friday folks!

life rearranged

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