a Disneyland day and more {intstafriday}

snapshots of our week:

i got a great deal on a double stroller second hand and the weather was so nice we decided to take it for a spin around the block. 

our crazy idea on sunday was to go to disneyland. with all three kids.
stopin at in-n-out for a {cheaper} quick bite before entering the park.

pretty much what i did most of the day.
 hang with the stroller and the sweet babe inside. 

it was chilly. but a monkey on your back always helps.

daddy and his lovey on the carousel.
one of the only rides i got to go on too. 

baby safety is why we don't do tummy time during everyone else's awake time.

the christmas tree has led to a lot of timeout time.

glad these are almost filled and out of my house {goal for today is to drop them off}.
that toffee crack is something else.
and by "something else" i mean, holy crap that is good and i might just eat the whole bag.

last little shot from our d-land day.
love my baby girl.
and i needed to prove i was there.

linking up with jeanett.
have a wonderful weekend folks!

life rearranged

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