juggling {and instagram}

so. it's been almost a month now with three kids under the age of 3 1/2.
a lot of people ask:
how are you guys doing?
how are you handling having three?
aren't you so tired?
you must be so sleep deprived.
wow. you have your hands full!
did you plan that?

standard answer:
we are okay. it's a juggling act.
no. we didn't plan it, and yes we do have our hands full.
unfortunately we can't give them back so we have to keep all of them at this point.
i do want to drink alcohol on a daily basis, but since the baby is on the boob i can't.
we are thinking of applying for a reality show, but not sure if the networks want to aid in slowing the birth rate.
people would definitely stop having kids after spending 30 mins with us.
thanks for asking.

okay so maybe i don't say all of that. or most of that.
but i want to.

it is a juggling act.
some times they are all crying. sometimes just one. and maybe that one is just me.
stressful times are meals, and bed time, and when i'm nursing, and when the girls are both up, and when we have to go basically all the time.

but we are acclimating.

thank goodness for my iphone though.
i wouldn't have pics of my kids in this crazy time, especially the littlest, if it weren't for instagram.
here are some photos from the weeks i've been absent.

this boy keeps me smiling and loves hanging with me on the couch while i nurse Hazel.
thankfully he's not super interested with what she's doing. 

we got a date night in on day 10. 
my mom is a rock star and handled all three kids, during dinner and bed time.

i opened my fridge and had to laugh because i had different milk for all three of my kids. 
thank goodness my milk is free. 
might open a milking farm.

her favorite place. 

i want to eat her.
 i also want more cold days so i can bundle her in these adorable jackets!

like i said, favorite place.

the little dude got to go on a special date with grandma and grandpa to....disneyland!
he had so much fun, and it was so good for him to do something without the sisters.

already a crazy woman driver at the age of 1. 

the weather has been pretty nice. 
a few hot days, but the mornings and evenings are gloriously cool.
i love fall. it's a time of year that makes me happy.

i have to go make lunches now, so that way when it is lunch and i am nursing everyone can eat and not scream. 

i'm linking up with jeanette. 
life rearranged

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  1. I love that you even think to take pics during such a busy season! Your open, honest heart, with sweet little nicknames for your kiddos, shines with Mommy love. I think you're doing great ;)


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