feeding time

you know that episode of the office where kevin is crying at pam's boobs trying to get her milk to come down?
that happens in my house on a daily basis, except no creeper and it's just all my kids.

i swear if a kid cries they totally start to throb.
which is inconvenient because all three of my kids love to cry.

mister mischief cries whenever you have said something contradictory to what he's led himself to believe will be happening.
granted, this all 'happens' in his alternative universe where he goes to disneyland three times a week, eats nothing but "jelly sandwiches", only plays outside with no pants on, never is asked to go potty before bed, and never needs to clean up a mess that is "too big."

but, alas, i am a mom and therefore designated squisher-of-all-fun.

little sister is 13 months old.
enough said.

i do have to say though.
with all my joking and somewhat complaining if you will.
they are great.

the best thing...
these kids are pretty great sleepers.

as we speak all three are sleeping.
did you hear that?

and....the littlest went 6 hours last night.
this is where you hear that guy from Sister Act sing "Oh Happy Day."

will it happen tonight?
probably not.

will i wish for it?
do kindergarteners eat glue?
what a dumb question.

i really shouldn't waste any more peace and quiet.
i have laundry to fold.
and maybe pinterest to browse.

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