we've been busy this summer.

there's been some...
shark observing,

race track running,

eating of sand,

yoga posing, 

big boy hair cuts,

etsy order filling,

and starting preschool. 

it's been busy, but it's been filled with wonderful memories.
hope your summer has been filled with memories too. 
we are heading towards those weeks known as "baby watch 2012." 
i'm due soon and can't wait to have my body back, sorta. 

i'm gonna try to keep posting (ha!) and keep crafting a little too. 
just for some mama sanity.
speaking of sanity. did anyone notice my epic fail on this post?
well, if you did you are smarter than i. my mom had to tell me i messed up. 
yay for mommy brain. over it sooo bad right now. 
there is a light at the end of the tunnel. 
soon i will start loosing more sleep but then eventually working my way back to getting some sleep.

fun fun. have a great weekend everyone.
linking up with jeanett.
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