30 at 30

i turned 30 last week.

taken on the b-day, after a great hair cut. i may or may not be in the bathroom at the mall.

i thought i would do something fun and share some little tidbits about me...

so. 30 things about me now that i am 30.

1. i come from a home where Christ was always at the center, and i am desperately trying to model that in our home.
2. i could eat chick-fil-a everyday. every. day. everyday. i love their food.
3. i have a slight problem with people who have a hobby lobby by them. i believe it's call envy, but i'm not sure, i just kinda hate them and their ability to do crafts that are amazing and for cheep.
4. i usually refer to fabric as "yummy" or "delicious." like this set...i die.
5. much to my mother's dismay i do feel that there can be approriate usages for "dirty" words. i'm sorry mom, but saying "poopy head" just isn't strong enough sometimes.
6. i have always been afraid of the dark. not so much outside, but inside. pretty sure alligators lived in my parents room, but only came out at night. it's a miracle they survived.
7. i am a do-er. i like lists, and i espically like checking things off said lists. hard to feel productive with the littles in my house and my belly though.
8. i have super high expectations for myself and others. this tends to get me into trouble. i am working on that too.
9. i love the beach. however, if they could remove the sand that would make it even better. 
10. i don't drink sodas. coke vs. pepsi? i can honestly say i've never had either so i don't know nor do i care. 
11. i would gladly go into a diabetic coma for a good dessert. such as this:

or this:
12. i totally would choose to swim in a lake over the ocean. you don't know what's lurking below thinking about eating you in the ocean. 
13. i can and do break into song at a moments notice, just like i will quote movies to people in regular conversation.
14. i have done weight watchers so many times i could seriously teach the class. my success probably struggles due to the love affair with the above photos.
15. mexican food, oh how i love thee. 
16. my favorite part of day may be nap time, but my second favorite is rocking and snuggling my little girl while she drinks her bottle.
17. if i could vacation anywhere it would be kauai. i went numerous times with family as a child and it just means something soooo much more to me than a vacation spot. and it's where we honeymooned, so that makes it even more special.
18. if i lived in the dream world i would be able to scrapbook every friday night and craft at least once a week. some day i will go to the greatest craft vacation.
19. i love to read. but rarely have the time.
20. starbucks is my friend. i love when the baristas know my order and my name. totally embarrasses the hubby, but i don't really care. 
21. i dream of going to paris one's just magical.
22. i would love to be a really great cook someday. i have visions of the big glorious breakfasts on saturdays and of making elaborate butter-filled meals like in julie & julia.
23. my least favorite "job" as a homemaker is all of them. laundry, floors, clutter, all of them except ironing. i actually like ironing. 
24. i struggle with postpartum depression with each baby, and it is something that gives me massive anxiety and a burden that i carry for months. someday i'll talk about it more, but not yet.
25. as with most moms, target and home goods are my happy place. especially if there are no children involved. pure bliss. only problem...can't grab a cart. or we won't be able to pay the mortgage that month.
26. pinterest. need i even say more. beautiful waster of time filled with ideas i will never see come to fruition, body image desires i will probably never accomplish, and meals i will definitely never make. BUT, i.....can't.....stop. mommy porn i tell ya.
27. favorite new show is "the new girl." best thing on tv in a while. schmit kills me.
28. room service is one of my favorite things. sitting in a fluffy bed in my bathrobe while someone else makes my food is heaven to me. 
29. when i was younger i wanted to be a spy like james bond. 
30. i have been in love with the same man for over 12 years. so thankful i took mrs. hoover's pre-calc class my senior year of high school. 

hope everyone has a great weekend. and you enjoyed my 30 tidbits...

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  1. Happy 30th!!! Can't wait to see pictures of baby number 3 very soon :) You can now add me to the list of people you hate for having hobby lobby so close. If only I had time to go there and make stuff! I miss you friend! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you :)



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